textile designer yuri himuro showcases her solo suspended ‘flower’ exhibition at the case gallery in tokyo. the exhibition focuses on a handkerchief/bouquet motif which she designed for the japanese handkerchief brand ‘swimmie’. hundreds of hanging handkerchief bouquets fill the interior space and create a dreamy special experience.

an overall view of the case gallery’s façade
all images © masahiro muramatsu



to fully express the concept of yuri himuro‘s exhibition to passing pedestrians, the time-controlled mechanism in the window display moves the handkerchiefs up and down at varying times. from a distance, the suspending handkerchiefs create a colorful and gradient color scheme, however upon closer inspection, the printed bouquet of flowers reveal an intricate design.


handkerchief exhibition 
video © kunikazu hamanishi

exterior when handkerchiefs are fall down

the hundreds of hanging handkerchiefs create an intimate spatial experience

details of the suspending designs

yuri himuro with her bouquet designs

details of the dangling mechanism



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