japanese design studio mori no terrace have created a glamping and camping café called ‘terrace of the forest’ in osakabuilt within a luscious green forest of 10,000 sqm, this structure blends into its environment as a result of its locally sourced building materials. it adopts a generically shaped roof, called a gable roof, and is black in color as a means to maintain its subtlety. 

this structure blends into its environment as a result of its locally sourced building materials
images © takeshi asano



‘at night,’ explains head architect at mori no terrace, ‘the form of black appearance disappears, and the structure illuminated with the upper light emerges and stands out as an icon for users.’ the furniture featured throughout the café uses contrasting red and green tones in order to create a certain characteristic. the campground is a facility used by both men and women from all ages, where the timber-clad café can be enjoyed by everyone.

the structure sits on a 10,000 sqm site 

the interior of the café

the café overlooks the campground and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery 

the designers blend together dark and light timber 

an overview of the campground

the black roof blends into the nightfall, highlighting the interior of the timber roof 

the side view of the structure

the spacious café uses a simple roofed structure

details of the tables and chairs

details of the door



project info:


designer: naoya matsumoto
design: mori no terrace
type: café and lobby
location: 166 yamabe nosecho toyonogun, osaka, japan
floor area: 66 sqm
completed: april2017
produced by: tainaka office joint / nagena design
lighting design: new light pottery
photos: takeshi asano



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edited by: lynn chaya | designboom

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