after journeying around iceland, italian photographer luca arena captures the country’s essence in his latest photographic series, ‘a means river’. the series of images features an undocumented side of iceland that arena felt was underrepresented. ‘how does one photograph iceland without necessarily representing it for what it is (beautiful)?’, asks the artist.

an abandoned bus amidst the icelandic planes



the artist’s series of photographs aims to inform viewers that in addition to its natural beauty, iceland has an abundance of stories to be told. in the 13 days and 2994 km travelled, I have tried to break the mirror and not depict iceland as the land of rivers, volcanoes and endless glaciers, but photographing it in a completely unusual and aseptic manner,’ explains arena, ‘ so that, for once, we can get away from the explosion of nature and live in colors, giving voice to the island’s minority: man.

seaside football field on an overcast day

a tiny red hut contrasts in color with the surrounding greenery 

colorful water tanks can be found around the island

a basketball net in a building’s parking

an inhabitants shed

the backyard of a burgundy painted house

camping ready

an abandoned basketball net with a mountainous backdrop

a lonely house and camper van

a desolate gas pump

á means river



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edited by: lynn chaya | designboom

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