local motors turns to an online community of tech enthusiasts to shape the design of its ‘rally fighter’ SUV. the fords and toyotas of this world may spend hours conducting market research reports, but local motors has crowdsourced the entire project for the off-road vehicle. the small arizona-based automotive manufacturer prides itself itself on the quality of its vehicles, with the ‘rally fighter’ strictly limited to 2,000 editions.

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local motors’ ‘rally fighter’s’ engine comes from a chevrolet ‘corvette’, its tail-lights are from a honda ‘civic’, while its high-suspension feels like it could perform at the DAKAR rally.  resembling the classic ‘P-51 mustang’, owners can customize color schemes and the interior of the burly vehicle to their personal preference. resembling a sports-car-on-stilts, the vehicle’s interior is no-frills and built for performance. the driver has to climb into the rugged off-roader, and once they find themselves in the driver’s seat, it feels very much like a british roadster. the seats are from recaro and in a traditional fashion they are both supportive and comfortable, hugging the body securely.


martin hislop I designboom

jul 05, 2017

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