liz west has installed ‘our colour reflection’ at perspective playground — an interactive art exhibition in berlin. west uses over 765 colored, acrylic mirrors to project 15 colors throughout an interior space — revealing aspects of the architecture that would otherwise be overlooked. the mirrors each have a diameter of 30, 40, 50, or 60 centimeters and are elevated at varied heights to create a matrix of elegant color reflections above.

liz west installs 765 colored mirror into a ‘perspective playground’ gallery space in berlin
photo by klaus bossemeyer (also main image) 



west describes the installation as connecting with visitors on a ‘physical, emotional, psychological, or even spiritual’ level. each viewer will come away with an individualized point of view and experience from this installation at perspective playground. throughout west’s career, the artist has created dynamic color and light environments to heighten sensory awareness and explore the effects of these curated atmospheres on an individual’s psychology and physical response.

liz west
reflections on the surrounding architecture highlight aspects of the space that would be otherwise overlooked
photo by klaus bossemeyer

liz west
the mirrors each have a diameter of 30, 40, 50, or 60 centimeters

liz west
the mirrors are placed on the floor at different heights to create a matrix of color reflections throughout

lindsay duddy I designboom

sep 13, 2017

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