four years ago, the inhabitants of les damiers learned that their buildings would be demolished, only to be replaced by the hermitage towers. designed by architects jacques ferrier and norman foster, this towering complex will be the highest in france. the damiers ensemble comprises 640 apartments in four buildings. having varying sizes, the buildings are identically designed with a stepped layout, typical of the 1910’s. photographer anthony saroufim documents this process in his latest photo series.

all images © anthony saroufim



the pyramid-shaped volumes facilitate natural lighting down to the lower levels that are reserved for local shops. the 25,000 sqm façades are adorned with prefabricated concrete panels with a circular pattern in hollow and relief. the issue of densification is solved by the installation of an exclusive pedestrian slab, allowing to conceal a parking lot of almost 2,400 spots.



project info:


date of construction: 1976
architects: jacques binoux and michel folliasson, with abro and henri kandjian
capacity: 640 apartments
height: 63 m, 18 floors
location: courbevoie, france


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