KI ecobe footwear is a new initiative that combines slipper, shoe and sandal into one unified design. the unique model can be assembled and disassembled using modular parts which work together to form three pairs of shoes. each part serves a different function which allows for an effortless transition between home, outdoors or even the beach.



the shoe is specially designed to use no toxic adhesives so that it can be easily assembled and disassembled to recycle and replace parts as needed. because of its unique modular design, the KI ecobe is highly customizable; download the app and choose a color and material of each individual part of the shoe. the KI ecobe shoe – which promotes sustainability and a healthier manufacturing environment for factory workers – is currently seeking funding which you can find here on kickstarter

KI ecobe footwear designboom 02



KI ecobe footwear designboom 03


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