cantiere galli design presents ‘proiezioni’ – a new site-specific installation by cristina celestino opening on june 13 in rome. the project -which is part of a cultural event curated by domitilla dardi for ‘una stanza tutta per sé’ – is located inside cantiere galli design, hosting installations of authors called to interpret the theme ‘personal / shared’ in relation to the era of social networks. 



the site-specific installation hosted by cantiere galli design, features umbrella shaped lamps which hang from the ceiling, a reclining pink chair and floral curtains. the space blurs the line between a traditional living area and an outdoor setting which is further exaggerated by the use of star-shaped symbols printed on the windows. the overall concept aims to subvert original preconceptions towards a given interior and in its place present an intimate spot that allows the viewer to reflect and consider the function of an ordinary mundane setting.



‘in the natural order of things the interior is a predominantly intimate and personal space and the outer one is dedicated to socializing and sharing. but what happens if this structure is subverted? (…) welcome to a place where what appears is something else.’ cristina celestino

hollie smith I designboom

jun 12, 2017

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